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Someone Please Help!! I’ve been asked by my friend to speak at his 21st birthday party and I haven’t a clue where to start. I want to make it humorous and funny, embarress him ever so slightly but not too much as Grand Parents will also be there. Someone please help if you can. Any ideas? How do I grab peoples attention right from the start?  – Thanks Much
It’s always hard to give input on birthday speeches without knowing the people involved, however, the main point that I have observed over the years is to keep it short – you are standing between the audience and the party.  Make it funny, but not too long!

One of the best things to bring into a birthday speech are some amusing stories of your time together.

You could start with “I first met my friend…” or “Remeber the time when…” A bit of roast is always in order. Bring up some emberassing memories and let the laughs will certainly starting rolling.

It would probably be best to exclude the more risky moments of your time together, but stories of a few silly moments or some close calls often work well.

Below are a few additional ideas on how you might start things off. Good luck –

I hope this all helps

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Definition of a 21st Birthday Speech:

A speech for a birthday guest presented by a relative (a parent, a child, etc.), a close friend or a colleague. A birthday speech traditionally contains stable congratulatory expressions and expressions of wish.


A birthday speech can be of two types: a formal speech and a casual one. Generally, the difference between these types of a birthday speech is purely situational because a formal birthday speech is presented at a reception in a restaurant or a hotel whereas a casual one is held during a friends’ party. However, more profound structural differences exist as well: a casual birthday speech should have a starling opening to attract the attention of all the guest traditionally communicating in small groups, it is relatively shorter and contains a lot of personal details concerning the birthday guest.


Birthday speeches may differ considerably because the content of a speech literally evolves with time: the 21st birthday is considered a “passage” while the 50th birthday marks a symbolic zenith of human life. Yet it is possible to trace a kind of a model outline for any birthday speech as a toast:

1) Welcoming the birthday guest;

2) Telling a story revealing his/her remarkable qualities and presenting this person from some unexpected but very positive angle;

3) Expressing gratitude for what the person did for the family, colleagues and friends;

4) Congratulating the birthday guest and wishing him/her health, love, success, and many happy returns of the day.

Humor and mild kidding are a welcome part of a birthday speech, which can be:

1) professional (formal);

2) playful;

3) complex (i.e. combing a formal structuring with some jovial and humorous elements).

Keep it short – keep in upbeat – keep it funny. GOOD LUCK!

KISS – Keep it simple stupid!
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