Love Poems


My Love

My love is a desire

Without you I am like fire

I have wish of being with you

I am burning and missing you.


You Are Precious

You are more shining than gold

You are living withing my soul

The most precious moment for me

When You kiss me without control.


Romance In Rain

I remember that night

When I was standing at the street

The rain has started softly

Drops were wetting my feet

Slowly the street become a sea

Clouds become thin and moon light reveal

She was in her window staring at me

Suddenly I felt something strange

She Came closer to me

And whisper in my ear

I love you my dear.

I smiled at her with joy and bliss

Our lips met and in rain we kissed.


Sweet Love Poem For Him

Remember buddy that I am yours

My love so strong and beyond words

whats in your mind is hard to say

I believe you come to me someday

I wish we become partners of life

You my husband, me your wife.


Heart Touching Love Poem

A lot of thoughts I would like to share

I love you and love to care

I have one thing clear in my mind

Nobody like you I could ever find

Very loving, humble, happy and kind.


Walk In Heaven

You always lived in hearts

It was black day with storm

God took you from us

No words can express this loss

We all become alone

May you walk in the heaven

May God hold you close

We always remember you

and always share your memories.


I Miss Your Presence

I miss your presence around me

With so many people I feel alone

I miss your touch, miss your lips

I miss every moment more and more

I remind the moment when you smile

Cant forget that even for a while

I am like a flower without sun

Just like bullet without gun.


You Are My Love

Love is like gem

Love is like gold

Hard to get

difficult to hold

In All the girls

I have ever met

You are the one

I would never forget.


I strongly believe

on God above

He created you

for me to love.

He leaves behind

all the rest

Because He knew

you are the best.


Heart Touching Love Quotes

Love begins with the eyes

Grows with smile

further grows with touch

Gain height with KISS

And vanish with tears.


If I had written a poem every

time I thought of you

I would definitely be writer

of several books.


If you love some one

Let him know

If not, leave him alone.


Cute Love Poem For You

I wrote a cute poem

For a cute person

And send you as a gift

From a cute friend

For a cute reason

At a cute time

In a cute mood

on the cute location

in the cute style

So that you love me more

And we become cute couple.


You Are The Best

I know love is hard

and will always be

And if anyone loves you

Remember that will be me

You are the cutest girl i know

Thats why I love you so

For me you are the best

The person impossible to forget.


Birthday Poem For My Wife

Your Birthday reminds me

That I am a lucky guy

Your special day give me

the most beautiful feeling

give me joy and cherish me

I am glad I am with you

celebrating one more day

Cutting cake with you

I want to give you all my life

All my love, all I have

Happy Birthday My beloved Wife.

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